Hello, I’m Rebecca Hess, if you like glass art I really think you should visit my studio!

During 40+ years of creating glass art my inspiration has always been our natural environment. I love how the interplay of light radiating through stained glass can evoke a magical sense of wonder.

I strive to combine the ethereal flow of color & light with the rich presence of metal and stone to emulate the beauty of our natural surroundings and with my artistic interpretation bring the natural world into your home.

Canton Studio offers a wide variety of handcrafted glass art pieces, custom designed windows & small gift items.

Here you will find traditional stained glass, jewelry, fused and kiln-formed vessels, wall hangings, sun-catchers, glass mosaics, shaped glass leaves, glass tiles with Kintsugi-inspired joinery and other exotic glass creations on hand or in progress.

Please come visit & explore!

glass art Gallery

I’m not great at photography and I often forget to take pictures of work I’ve done. I’ll get better at taking pictures, so keep checking for new photos.

BTW: Click on any picture to get a full-sized version.

Get in touch

To schedule a visit to my studio please use the email form below (or call me). I also welcome questions about my glass art, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

I want to give you my full attention, so I ask that visits are done by appointment. Otherwise, I might be hard at work at the forge, focused on a project and not even realize you are outside wanting to come in.

Phone: (319) 455-0141
Location: 122 East Main, Lisbon, Iowa 52253

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